This is me

Alison is my name. Given by my Venezuelan grandma to honour her favourite actress. What a life coincidence that her grandchild ended up becoming an actress.

When I was 18 I changed my hometown from Caracas to Madrid, looking to pursue my dream of becoming an actress, 4 years later I achieved the first step of this journey, getting my B.A in Performing Arts.

Now, I cross the world again, this time making Tokyo my hometown. Dedicating my days to continue my dance, singing and acting training, whilst pursuing another dream: Japanese language.


I have been on stage since I was 16. My journey started with Musical Theatre, little by little I started to fall for physical theatre, dance theatre, jazz, ballet…

I guess I could be described as a passionate soul. I fall too deeply for the things I’m interested in and I never stop until I’ve mastered them. That makes my learning so much more intense, but so full of meaning.

From my passion of living and feeling,  I get my will to live from creating and doing.

I don’t know how to live without playing, I don’t know how to live without theatre.