I have evolved as an artist training with La Joven Compañía (Madrid), in Teatro Lab (Suzuki y Viewpoints) and in dancing techniques such as ballet, jazz and tap. One of the most important things for me as an actress is to be in constant communication with my body.

I have a B.A in Performing Arts, by TAI and Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. 1 Year Diploma in Acting on Film by Transforming Arts Institute

Continuing my training, with the goal of working in Musical Theatre, I started training in Jose Masegosas singing academy Escuela de Canto Mev (Madrid) with Julia Moller and Lluís Frigola.  In dance, I began my growth with Danza para actores y cantantes (Belen Marcos Negón) and continued later deepening my training in Broadway jazz with Oriol Anglada, Enric Marimon, Diana Girbau and several other teachers.



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